SymptoMedic Cloud

SymptoMedic is a cloud-based solution, offering a portal for veterinarians and an app-based communication tool for clients providing a great way for clients to share patient updates with images and short videos saved in chronological order.

Portal in desktop Website in desktop
  • eBook The mobile app enables clients to easily capture and manage their animal’s ongoing health issues, document symptoms and treatments then share them with their clinical team.

    Clients can add “moments” of their animal’s symptoms, behavior, condition and more via the SymptoMedic Pets and SymptoMedic Equine mobile apps, which then render a detailed visual timeline of information on the pet.
  • cloud-connection The data is delivered in real-time through our cloud-based infrastructure. Information can be shared with a clinic prior to or between appointments, or clinics can use our web portal to directly connect to their client’s data.
  • monitor Clinicians can use the web portal to quickly search patient information by client, patient, date, or keyword before upcoming visits. Information can be easily paired with medical records to develop a treatment plan, track conditions during a course of treatment, and after surgery.

This platform eliminates and shunts the avalanche of phone calls, texts and emails that are disruptive, irrelevant and inefficient. The data is now under my control and this platform saves me a lot of wasted time.

  • Michael Sterns, DVM
  • 4 Paws Mobile Veterinary Clinic
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